• What Applications are supported on SGCLoud ?

    We support most of the Industry leading softwares, render engine and plugins including Maya,Arnold,Redshift,Vray,3ds Max,Mental Ray,Blender and more.

    Contact us at support@speedgaze.com to know more

    Is 24/7 support available ?

    Yes we provide 24/7 Render Support available via : Whatsapp / Telephone / Email

    Will my ongoing renders pause if the account goes negative ?

    Yes, our systems do not render if account balance is negative.

    Renders will be paused if account balance is negative and resume as soon as the account is recharged.

    What is the internet bandwidth I will get ?

    We offer a minimum 25 Mbps of bandwidth for each client.

    For additional bandwidth contact us at support@speedgaze.com

    How much storage will I get ?

    We offer minimum 5TB storage for each client.

    For additional storage contact us at support@speedgaze.com

    How long will my output data be available to download ?

    Rendered Output is available for 15 Days and backup for the same will be available for 30 days, from the day of data rendered.

  • How to change timeout settings for FTP ? or Steps to follow if FTP is not connecting ?

    1. Start FileZilla.
    2. Click 'Edit' in the menu bar.
    3. Select 'Settings' in the drop-down list.
    4. Increase the timeout setting to your liking or put 0 to never timeout.

    Firewall Setting required for SG App ?

    The app typically will try to set the permissions required on the firewall. If the permissions required a username and password, it will show a prompt, the first time the app is started.The pop will appear three times.The client is required to enter the credentials. The automatic firewall setting works on Windows only.

    For Linux they will have to set permissions manually as described below

    Add the following rules to the firewall
    1. HTTP TCP : All ports or 443 at least (this is required to connect to portal)
    2. HTTP TCP : 10001 to 10100 if not set to all HTTP TCP ports in (1)
    3. HTTP TCP: Traffic to be allowed on 33001 (for Aspera)
    4. UDP : Traffic to be allowed on UDP 33001 (for Aspera)

  • What are System Requirements for SG Desktop App ?

    Windows System requirements:
    - Windows 10
    - Maya Installed on the system

    Linux System requirements:
    - CentOS7.0 and above
    - Maya Installed on the system

    How to Install SG Desktop App ?

    - Download the SGCloud from the link
    - Follow instructions on auto installer
    - Shortcut will be placed on desktop and in application folder

    - Download the SGCloud from the link
    - Run at linux terminal “sudo yum install SGCloud-CentOS.rpm”
    - Application can be started directly from the terminal by using command “sgcloud”
    - Shortcut will be placed in Applications->Others

    How to Sign-up for SG Desktop App ?

    - Start SGCloud as described above and appropriate for your OS
    - Provide an email address for SGCloud application registration

    - SGCloud registration ensures application and data transmission security
    - Click “Register” to proceed

    - Click “Register” to proceed
    - SGCloud registration key will be sent to the email address provided
    - Enter the registration key from your email

    - Click “Verify” to continue
    - SGCloud will display as success message

    - Provide username and password
    - Click “Login” to continue
    - Check “Remember Me” to enable auto login

    - Successful login will display the welcome screen
    - The currently selected project will be displayed

    How to set up a project ?

    - Click on “Project Setting” (gear icon highlighted) to bring up the project settings
    - Click on “Add Path” and select the platform specific Maya executable

    - Click outside the Project Settings tab to close it

    How to upload data ?

    - Drag and Drop multiple scene files (.ma or .mb) files to add them to the analysis queue

    - Multiple scene files can also be added by clicking the “Add Scene” button
    - Select one or more scene files to add to the analysis queue (.ma or .mb)

    - If path to the platform specific Maya executable is not provided, SGCloud will display an error message

    How to check scene file analysis status ?

    - SGCloud will not be able to auto analyse scene file without Maya installation on the same machine where SGCloud is being run
    - The Maya executable version is specific to the selected project. The Maya versions of the scene(s) must match for successful render completion
    - Successful addition to the analysis queue will list scene(s) that have been added

    - Analysis of scene(s) files is automatic. SGCloud will sequentially analyse each scene file and gather the dependent assets
    - Right click any scene row for options. The options presented change basis the status of the scene file

    - Progress of the scene(s) analysis will be refreshed every 45 seconds and displayed

    How to view assets ?

    - Scene(s) analysing, asset gathering and asset upload are parallel activities. Assets are queued and uploaded as they are found.

    - Above image shows the status of the scene file and the status of the assets being uploaded. Right click to bring up the “View Assets” option. Click this option to view the list of assets and related details

    (1) shows the uploaded percentage of a particular asset
    (2) shows the estimated time to complete the upload for this asset
    (3) shows the total estimated time to complete the upload for all assets in the upload list
    (4) shows the source path for each asset. Asset(s) which are not found i.e. “Missing” should be made available at the specified
    - The status is auto updated every 15 seconds

    How to view Missing files ?

    - Missing files can be viewed by clicking on the number of missing files e.g. “1 file(s)”

    (1) Displays the name of the scene file for which the assets are missing
    (2) Identifies the asset type that is missing
    (3) Displays the path specified within the scene file
    (4) Displays the name of the missing asset

    How to upload missing files ?

    - Place the missing files in the path form they are missing,right on the scene file that has missing files and click reanalyse.All the missing files that are now placed in the path will be uploaded.

    How to Submit a Scene file ?

    - Right Click the scene file to bring up the options.
    - Click on ‘Submit’ option to submit the file to SpeedGaze Render Farm
    - Verify all settings and click on submit job.

    How to check status of jobs submitted ?

    - Successfully submitted jobs can be viewed in the Jobs section highlighted

    How to check Individual Frame status and logs ?

    - Click on the scene name in the jobs section to display the frames section
    - Individual logs can be accessed by clicking on the highlighted icon

    How to check download output ?

    SGCloud automatically downloads rendered outputs to the folder defined by you. To view the downloads right click the Job row to bring up the menu and click “View Downloads” option.
    - The downloads section shows the outputs that have been downloaded and the path
    - The output can be previewed by clicking on the highlighted icon

  • How to recharge hours ?

    A. Purchase using Credit Card or Net Banking via SGPortal

    1. Login to https://portal.speedgaze.com/login.php?pg= with your credentials.
    2. Go to Accounts Tab and click on purchase credit
    3. Select your project, enter the no of hour you require, enter the TDS amount to be deducted *if applicable and click on purchase hours
    4. Select your payment method
    5. Get estimate your payment by clicking preview
    6. Proceed to pay using our our secure payment gateway
    7. Purchase Hour will be credited to your account as soon as the transaction is completed

    B. Purchase via direct bank transfer done by NEFT/RTGS/IMPS

    1. Contact sales@speedgaze.com with your hours requirements
    2. Get Estimate on mail for approval
    3. Transfer the amount and share UTR no. or Transition ID
    4. Purchased Hours will be credited to your account within 24 hours
    5. Invoice will be mailed within 2-3 working days.

    What are the payment gateway charges ?

    - Razorpay charges 2% percent per transaction for Indian Debit and Credit Cards, Net banking, UPI, and Indian Wallets.
    - It charges 3 % percent per transaction for International Cards.

    Are crashed frames chargeable ?

    - No, Crashed Frames are not chargeable.

    Is post-paid billing available ?

    - No, We use pay as you go model, where you can recharge the required hours , Consume it and repeat the same.

    How does calculation of render hours work ?

    - Render time is calculated based on the start time and end time you see on our job monitor window.Start time and End time is also mentioned in the log file of the frame which you can view and download using the log tab
    - We do not calculate/add the time taken for analysis and only actual render time of your frame is calculated.