Baytree was born in 2011 in Mumbai, India with focus on Technology & Solutions in Web, Mobile and gaming space. In 2016 Baytree renewed its focus developing Cloud Computing, Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences.


Transparent Pricing

Online report monitoring keeps a watch on amount spent

Pay as you go.

Speedgaze charges as based on actual fire up time

Low Cost of Computing

Speedgaze optimizes files on the fly for lower compute time

Pay for what you get

Speedgaze computes rendertime of only completed tasks

On Demand Availability

Browser based operations with 24/7 uptime.

Round the clock support

Technical & Production team at SpeedGaze is around the clock available for any technical or operational challenges

Available Anytime

Fireup servers as the job uploaded and submitted

Realtime - Preview

SpeedGaze generates online previews of renders for quality checking

Automatic upload & download

SpeedGaze provides integration scripts for automatic upload and download of data

Unique Features

Scalable cloud based platform for Animation, VFX, AR, VR, workflow and pipelines

Bare-matel servers

Run jobs in parallel on physical servers to ensure 100% performance

Unlimited backend resources

No restriction & charges for storage, upload/download


Production data is secured and backed up daily using industry leading standards. (ISO 27001 proposed)

Rich Analytics - Knowledge is Power

SpeedGaze brings data insights over time for cost, consumption, pattern and predictability

On horizon

SpeedGaze is Enterprise ready with customization, Cloud & On-site implementation.

Beld local and cloud workflow

ensure business continuity with same workflow between office and cloud

Workstations in Cloud

Move studio operations into cloud with our GPU infrastructure work anywhere anytime around the globe.

Highend GPUs

Production ready pipeline with high-end GPUs

Linux & Windows Support

Industrial strength OS support for VFX & Animation

Supported Softwares

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MBC Park, E Building, Ghodbunder Road, Thane (W) - 400615, Maharashtra, India