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The process of rendering involves using specialised application programmes to create a 2D or 3D image from a model. Cloud rendering, which is far faster than rendering on a single computer system, is the process of creating 3D graphics and animations using an advanced cloud render farm like SGRender.

A render farm is constructed using thousands of computers with a focus on the computation of 3D images. These are called render nodes. Every render node is equipped with the necessary 3D software to render your projects.

So, while using cloud rendering you won't have to wait an absurdly long time or spend a fortune on rendering your artistic creation. All thanks to SGRender.

SGRender has been helping 3D artists meet deadlines and scale their businesses since 2017. It fully automates the rendering process and connects seamlessly to your 3D software. Without requiring any elaborate or time-consuming setups, you can send your scene directly from the application interface. In addition to having the best cloud rendering technology, SGRender also has render experts and support engineers who are available 24x7 and speak your language.

We make sure that all of your projects are delivered on time and provide you with a stress-free experience.

We support all industry popular software’s and rendering engines. To name a few Maya, Arnold, Redshift, Vray, 3ds Max, Mental Ray, Blender and many more.

Get in touch with us for a complete list and versions.

You simply fill up a customer enrolment form, create an account with us and start. You will need to fill in the Company Name, primary contact person’s name, email id and contact number.

Customer enrolment form is available on

Your account will be created once the customer enrolment form has been received and reviewed. Intimation of account creation will be sent to the email mentioned in the form. You will receive instructions on how to recharge or load credit to your account once your account has been successfully created.

  • 3D Software and Version (Maya, 3ds Max, Blender etc.)
  • Renderer Version (Arnold, Vray, Redshift etc.)
  • Plug-ins Name Version if any
  • OS (Linux or Windows)
  • Output format (OpenEXR, TIFF etc.)
  • Your machine's Per-Frame benchmark timing.

Windows 10 and above.
CentOS 7.0 and above
You must have Maya installed on the system in both scenarios.

Your project output during trial usage will NOT contain a watermark.

We will hold the project and all your input files for a period of 10 days from date of upload of input assets. After this period, we will automatically delete all customer file assets.

You won't be able to download the rendered output if your render hours run out while you are rendering a trial period. For your project to be finished, you will need to purchase more hours. After the project is finished, you can download the output.

We are secure by design. From the physical security of our server farm, secure data links, hardened OS, cybersecurity tests, and globally adopted policies and guidelines, we have ensured a 360° security.

  • While uploading scenes to SGRender(SpeedGaze), all file transfers are encrypted and use industry standard applications namely, ASPERA and RESILIO. We will always ask for your permission in case we want to use your project files to provide better customer support and a better user experience. We will never share your files & data with anyone outside of SpeedGaze.
  • SGRender users cannot be allowed to access any other data than their own. Each client is allowed to access only his data. Data access is highly secured against unauthorized access.
  • Our compute servers & storage are not accessible from outside except via our APP and Data Transport Protocols. Our data centre operator provides secure dual channel internet connectivity. They do not have access to our local network and data contained there and the data transfer is securely encrypted.
  • We conduct vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT) at least once a year. We outsource the testing to a certified third party to our network and infrastructure security by routine checks. We also perform critical vulnerability software security updates - infrastructure systems and networking gear. We continuously and actively monitor network, firewall, and system device logs and employ all the newest security patches and updates company-wide. Our development team is regularly trained in the scope of software cybersecurity.
  • We contract with a certified third party to perform routine security checks on our network and infrastructure. We also perform critical vulnerability software security updates - infrastructure systems and networking equipment. We continuously and actively monitor network, firewall, and system device logs and employ all the newest security patches and updates. Regular training on software cybersecurity is provided to our development team.

To sum it all up, Yes you can confidently render your projects with SGRender knowing fully that your data is secure with us.

Rendered Output is available for 15 Days in your account. We hold a backup of this for 30 days from the date on creation of render output file. All output files are automatically deleted after this period.

Yes. We can sign our NDA; or yours, after our legal department has reviewed and approved the same.
Our NDA is available on

Yes. You can render on nodes that either use CPU or GPU. The 3D software you use, the technologies it supports, and its compatibility with our hardware will all influence which platform you choose to render on.

These are the rendering modes supported by SGRender:
CPU Arnold, V-Ray, Blender Cycles, Redshift, 3d 3.5 and Corona
GPU Arnold, V-Ray, Redshift, Blender Cycles and EV
CPU & GPU Arnold, V-Ray, Redshift and Blender Cycles
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